Guira FM

GUIRA FM: a radio of Hope 

Guira-FM is the MINUSCA radio station. It aims to promote the culture of peace, reconciliation and facilitate the restoration of the State’s authority.
The radio station was launched on 14 September 2014. It broadcast live 24/7 on 93.3 FM. Guira FM first covered the city of Bangui and gradually expanded its transmission to other regions, locations throughout the country : Bria, Bouar, Bossangoa, Berberati, Bambari, Ndele, Bangassou and Kaga Bandoro. 
Named after the tree under which all the differences are solved, Guira-FM aims to expand its coverage to more than 80% of the African population. 
The station accompanies the transition in the CAR by shedding light on MINUSCA’s mandate and its three pillars: the protection of civilians, support to the political process and the restoration of the authority of the State. It equally promotes freedom of expression, social cohesion and respect for human rights.
Guira FM played a unique role during the popular consultations and the Forum National de Bangui in that it was the only radio station to provide live transmission of the Forum’s procedures, featuring news programmes, magazines and talk shows with the participants in the Forum.
MINUSCA's radio station gained more credibility following its launch in the regions: "We are thrilled to finally have a radio that disseminate and diffuse information on the peace process, social cohesion and development projects that are changing the lives of many young people”, says a resident of Kaga Bandoro. “These are the messages of peace that we want to hear not those of the armed groups”.
Guira FM must consolidate its program schedule in the coming weeks by including civic education and a new variety of specialized programs on the elections.