Government and UN common system jointly celebrate UN day

24 Oct 2019

Government and UN common system jointly celebrate UN day

Bangui, Central African Republic – The UN common system held today a ceremony to mark the 74th anniversary of the United Nations day – a commemoration of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter – celebrated on 24 October every year. The foundational treaty of the United Nations sought to maintain international peace and security, promote human rights, the rule of law and justice as well as foster cooperation between nations and further social and economic progress.

Representatives of UN agencies, United Nations civilians, police and military contingents, as well as members of the diplomatic community and officials of the Government of the Central African Republic gathered at MINUSCA’s Logistics Base, Camp Castor in Bangui to observe the day.

Speaking at the ceremony, MINUSCA Force Commander General Balla Keita reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to promoting sustainable peace. “The United Nations and MINUSCA stand together with the people of the Central African Republic in their quest for peace and development,” he said.

On behalf of the Government of the Central African Republic, the Minister of Public Works Guismala Hamza thanked the international community for its continuous efforts to support reforms in the country. “We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices of the UN peacekeepers. As well all know, there can be no development without peace. Therefore, the government signed the 6 February peace agreement this year to permit our people to turn the page and embrace lasting reconciliation”, he said.

Several activities were organized to mark the day in Bangui and in the prefectures including a public movie screening of a documentary on the Special Criminal Court (SCC) and a discussion on Sustainable Development Goal 16, which promotes peaceful, inclusive societies and institutions as well as access to justice for all. A parade by MINUSCA peacekeepers as well as traditional dances were also part of the day’s celebrations.

In Bossangoa, the day was also celebrated in presence of state officials, local traditional leaders, representatives of the UN common system and NGOs, as well as the population. The Prefect of Ouham, Marcel Guela, described the celebration as a good opportunity for the population to understand the United Nations organizations’ mandate and work in the country, and to remember the sacrifice of those who willingly came  from their countries to help, sometimes at the cost of their lives. 

In his UN day message, the UN Secretary-General declared that “United Nations Day highlights the enduring ideals of the Charter,” adding that the Charter remained our shared moral anchor. He further underlined the organization’s global work for fair globalization and bold climate action, advancing human rights and gender equality, combating all forms of hatred and striving to maintain peace while bringing life-saving aid to millions caught up in armed conflict.  “We should all be proud of the United Nations and our progress around the world and across the decades. I know we are also equally committed to constantly improving our efforts and closing the gap between the ideals of our Charter and the challenges of our time,” said António Guterres.