Kaga Bandoro: leaders unite to celebrate first-year anniversary of the APPR

10 Feb 2020

Kaga Bandoro: leaders unite to celebrate first-year anniversary of the APPR

On 6 February 2020, Kaga Bandoro leaders including members of civil society, local associations, MINUSCA, CTS and CMOP delegates, and representatives of armed groups: UPC, MPC, FPRC, MLCJ, Anti-Balaka (Mokom and Ngaissona wings) gathered to mark the first anniversary of the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African Republic (APPR-CAR) signed on 06 February 2019 in Bangui by the Government of the Central African Republic and 14 armed groups following talks held in Khartoum. 

Discussions on the APPR were held to assess successes and challenges in its implementation, the role and perspectives of civil society as well as MINUSCA support in its implementation. "Many states like Liberia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone went to war, then reconciled and are now politically, economically and socially successful. Why not us?" questioned Awad Ahmat, the Sous-prefect of Nana Gribizi. "The road is very long and winding and it is everyone's responsibility to redouble efforts to reach the goal of peace and reconciliation at the prefectural and national levels. Peace is a gradual construction that deserves to be envied and supported by all because it is priceless," he added.

The acting MINUSCA Head of Office, Helder Costa, insisted on unity from all the stakeholders. "You have to look back on this past year as a year of hanging out together. The APPR has led to real progress: the beginning of DDR, FACA deployment, CTS and CMOP are in place and have started to work. Despite the progress made, I condemn those who have not honored their commitments in the agreement you signed. We have to work together," emphasized Costa. 

Such encouraging progress notwithstanding, the MINUSCA representative remains concerned about delays in the implementation of the APPR and strongly condemns the continuation of violence and robberies. “I therefore call on all signatories to respect their commitments. The people of the Central African Republic, in all components, must be at the heart of the peace process,” he added.

For his part, Daniel Nguerelessi, the coordinator of CLPR called on all civil society organizations in the locality to raise awareness on the APPR-CAR to all social strata as it is the prerogative of all Central Africans.