MINUSCA remembers fallen peacekeepers

8 Jul 2020

MINUSCA remembers fallen peacekeepers

Maria Kabatanya

MINUSCA, today 8 July 2020, held a virtual memorial ceremony in honour of nine peacekeepers who lost their lives in the line of duty over the past four months.

“This is the first time we have mourned so many colleagues in one ceremony, and it is a moment of great sadness for us all. The youngest of them was only 21 years old,” said Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSCA, Mankeur Ndiaye while paying homage to them.

The fallen peacekeepers, who were deployed to Bangui, Birao, Bria and Grimari, were members of the Mission’s civilian, police and military personnel working to protect civilians in the Central African Republic and to help stabilize the country.

In a solemn tribute marked by the current Covid-19 public health crisis, MINUSCA’s leadership team expressed the UN’s profound gratitude for the sacrifice of Senior UN Police Officer in Bangui, Evaristus Penga Yitvah (Cameroon); UN Police Warrant Officers, Ossama Essam Abdelahim and  Sami Mohamed Abdelwanis Rahoma (Egypt); Justice and Correction Officer in Bangui, Sinadja Sambiani Tantagou (Togo); Birao Engineering Section Staff Member, Désiré Jean-Claude Seregaza (Central African Republic); Bria Head of Office, Imtiaz Hussain (Pakistan); Warrant Officer based in Grimari, Sinzobakira Masudi (Burundi); Warrant Officer in Birao, Godfrey Philimon Mwape (Zambia) and Military Peacekeeper, Innocent Nkurunziza (Rwanda).

Thé MINUSCA Chief hailed their contribution to peace and stability in the Central African Republic, oftentimes in trying conditions: “The aftereffects of Covid-19 have further weakened our living and working conditions which were already marked by the tragedy of armed attacks, illness and diverse accidents, sometimes forcing us to be away from our beloved relatives, friends and families for extended periods of time” he said.

The nine staff members served in a range of diverse capacities including police training and development, justice and corrections, engineering, administration and as part of the Mission leadership.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, security threaths and human lives losses, MINUSCA continues to implement mandate with aim to bring back sustainable that would lead to development in the Central African Republic.