A peace forum for youths in Birao

30 Oct 2019

A peace forum for youths in Birao


‘‘Living together before and after the crisis in Central African Republic’’ was the main theme of a Youth Peace Forum organized by MINUSCA at Birao Hospital on 29 October 2019 for about 100 youths. 


The event was, among others, honored by the presence of Vakaga Prefect, Leonard Mbele, Birao Head of Office, Irene Kouassi, Zambian battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Teddy Tembo, Imam Moustapha Younouss and the Sultan’s Representative, Radjab Sono.



The participants, who represented ten tribes, unanimously agreed that life before the crisis was of mutual respect, free movement, social cohesion and no discrimination on account of one’s ethnicity. They also decided that they should leave aside their dissensions and move forward in solidarity toward true reconciliation. Furthermore, they agreed that on 2 November 2019, along with MINUSCA, they will clean torched houses in Birao as a symbol of reconciliation.


Prefect Mbele thanked the youths for turning up in good numbers and urged them to resist manipulation and avoid rumors and hate speech, while Irene Kouassi revealed that MINUSCA was actively involving various leaders at local and national levels to ensure that peace is restored in Birao.