Protection of civilians and special operations recognized to the Bangladesh Special Force in MINUSCA

4 May 2019

Protection of civilians and special operations recognized to the Bangladesh Special Force in MINUSCA



The Special forces of the Bangladesh army were first deployed to MINUSCA on 3 May 2016. They are specialized in crisis interventions, natural disasters environments, but also in security, development issues, stabilization and infrastructures building.


Its 3rd battalion settled at Camp M’poko, in Bangui on 15 June 2018, with a total of 150 peacekeepers. Their principal tasks include the restauration of peace by ensuring security and protection of civilians, as prescribed by the MINUSCA mandate. They hence conducted missions to provide civilians with security and protection, very often intervening to secure people involved in traffic accidents. They also participated in special operations in Bambari (Centre), Alindao (South-Est), and Zoukoumbo (West.)


The contingent also conducts military-civilian activities, aiming at improving the daily life of Central African citizens. Hence, they offered medicines to community hospitals in Bangui, partially rehabilitated the Lycée de Martyrs located downtown, and offered school items to schools, among which the ‘’Ecole Favec’’ in Damala quarter. In addition, they contributed to the promotion of sports events in favor of many youth associations.


These actions lead to peace and stabilization in the Central African Republic and were recognized by MINUSCA. The mission awarded a medal to each of the 150 soldiers composing the battalion, on the occasion of a medal ceremony presided by Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General in the CAR, Kenneth Gluck, and Force Commander, Balla Keita. on 2 May at Camp M’poko.


Deputy special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in charge of political affairs and protection of civilians,  Kenneth Gluck, saluted the long peacekeeping tradition of Bangladesh, and the contingent’s specific contribution to the implementation of MINUSCA mandate, and called for a its continuation. ‘’The Central African Republic will soon recover from the crisis, and you will remember being part of it’’, he said.


In his speech, the Commander of the contingent, Lieutenant-Colonel SM Azad, appreciated the support provided by leadership, which he said was decisive in the success of the mission of the outgoing 3rd contingent, on rotation by 22 June.


Bangladesh’s first ever experience in peacekeeping operations was in 1988. Under the UN flag, 7085 soldiers were deployed in 50 missions over 40 countries, 124 of whom missed in action.