MINUSCA condemns armed groups attempts to destabilize Bangui

12 Oct 2015

MINUSCA condemns armed groups attempts to destabilize Bangui

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) expresses strong concerns at the organized infiltration of elements from several armed groups in Bangui, including FPRC and anti-Balaka, and condemns in the strongest terms all attempts to destabilize Bangui. 

MINUSCA recalls that the top priority of its mandate, as defined in UNSCR 2217, is to protect the civilian population from threat of physical violence. The Resolution authorizes MINUSCA to take all necessary means to carry out its mandate within its capabilities and areas of deployment; and authorizes the French Sangaris force to act in support of MINUSCA. Accordingly, MINUSCA Force, with support from Sangaris, have used force in reaction to attacks from FPRC elements around Sibut.

MINUSCA would remind all armed groups signatory to the Brazzaville Accord and the Bangui Forum DDR Accord of the engagements they undertook in those agreements. MINUSCA condemns in the strongest terms unlawful and violent acts violating these agreements, which pose a threat to peace and stability in the Central African Republic, and calls on all armed groups to put an end to their illegal activities. 

MINUSCA is determined to continue to use all necessary means to protect civilians, strengthen State authority and support the political process. MINUSCA remains impartial in the implementation of its mandate and its use of force when necessary. 

MINUSCA reminds armed groups and criminal elements that hostile acts against peacekeeping staff and premises constitute a crime under international criminal law.