Strengthening the Central African High Court of Justice

12 Apr 2021

Strengthening the Central African High Court of Justice

Deubalbet Wewaye

A total of fifteen gowns and their accessories, including capes, belts, hoods and hats, were handed over to the High Court of Justice of the Central African Republic by MINUSCA, through its Judicial and Penitentiary Affairs Section, during a ceremony held at the Court of Cassation in Bangui on Monday, 12 April 2021.

This donation – worth 15 million CFA francs – is part of the implementation of the UN Mission’s mandate to support the restoration and consolidation of the rule of law and the proper functioning of judicial institutions.

According to the Central African Constitution of 30 March 2016, the High Court of Justice is entrusted with trying presidents, ministers and deputies for crimes of high treason in the exercise of their duties.

“This contribution by MINUSCA will improve the functioning of this great institution,” said Denis Modemade, Vice-President of the High Court of Justice.

“Other actions will follow. MINUSCA will continue to strengthen the Central African judicial institutions as part of its mandate. The President of the High Court of Justice had expressed the need for a set of equipment that has already been acquired and will be delivered soon,” revealed the MINUSCA Judicial and Penitentiary Affairs Section representative Fortuné Dako.